Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cold Hardy VERY Fragrant Roses I grew in Denver

Louise Odier Tampa grown

Golden Celebration

"Fairmount Proserpine" photo by Michael Mowry

"Fairmount Malton" grown in Tampa

Baronne Prevost grown in Tampa

Great Western grown in Tampa

Here are some roses I used in my Denver yard, the yards of some of my landscape customers there, and that I promoted in The Rocky Mountain News and Colorado Gardener. Tough as nails there despite the brutal long winters and hot DRY summers! What a joy to have many here in Tampa in my Water Wise Container Gardens despite the absence of winter dormancy and our long humid summers....once I left my Denver rose gardens in 2002 to come back home to Tampa for good, I just assumed I'd never be growing them again. Look for them as own-root (vs. frail grafted plants) at fine mail order rose growers like High Country Roses in Utah and The Antique Rose Emporium in Texas, plus Chamblee's Roses in Texas too.
What a shame I can't attach the fragrance of each to the photos......I guess you'll just have to grow them yourself and breathe deep!

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