Monday, May 3, 2010

'Seagull' Rambler in my Tampa Yard

I loved my 'Seagull' in my Denver yard that crept up the interior of a cedar tree then spilled out.....each June it looked like a fragrant white fountain! Years ago a noted Florida rosarian "informed" me and others that the Multiflora ramblers performed very poorly, if at all, in Florida, but he grew his on the Fortuniana rootstock plus used a toxic spray regimen, tons of water and chemical feedings. Since I'd seen 'Pink Clouds' do okay here in the yard of a Tampa friend I'd given one to, when I bought this property I decided to try 'Seagull' but on its own roots and all organic...and it THRIVES here despite years of drought! I took this pic yesterday by using my zoom lense since my hell zone front yard revealed by my cutting down my monster 'Mermaid' (which this same rosarian declared also performs poorly here!) in impassable to share how lovely 'Seagull' looks despite my not having fed or watered it for over a year due to that 40 foot across 'Mermaid' keeping me out of my own front yard all that time.

Once I clear out that "Hell Zone" front yard I am testing other Multiflora-based ramblers I've purchased like 'Rambling Rector', which I also loved in my Denver yard. I think it is more fun and more revealing to keep an open mind about trying differing kinds of roses vs. buying into the dogma "Oh, that kind can't grow here" since my Denver yard had a full collection of Teas, Chinas and Noisettes, all felt by many to NEED a mild climate.

Enjoy! John

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