Thursday, August 5, 2010

Breeding Red Roses

'Oklahoma' own root in Tampa

"Fairmount Red" in Denver, photo by Michael Mowry

"Fairmount Red" own root in Tampa, Spring 2010

Today I picked a fat hip of ("Fairmount Red" X 'Oklahoma'). Since both are doing fine for me own root and all-organic in Water Wise Container Gardens even though this is Tampa, I can't but be hopeful about any seedlings that result. I just hope I GET seedlings....the last couple of years I've been cursed by miserable germination rates. IF these seeds sprout, I may see first blooms on seedlings in 2013 since "Fairmount Red" is a once bloomer. I'd love it if the best traits of rich color and intense perfume of both parents end up in a vigorous rose that thrives here. If "Fairmount Red" is what I have long suspected it is, 25% of the seedlings could be repeat bloomers. And because of this parentage, any desirable seedling resulting from this cross could be very cold hardy in snowy winter regions as "Fairmount Red" was totally immune to Denver winters.
Enjoy, John

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