Monday, February 28, 2011

'Gainesville Garnet' and sister seedling

Here is a photo of a sister seedling of 'Gainesville Garnet' that came from the same hip that I love in spite of the mild scent due to the heavily quartered Victorian form reminiscent of a pinwheel.  John


  1. Why are these roses not in commerce? They are gorgeous.

  2. Thanks! 'Gainesville Garnet' was to be introduced by Ashdown Roses after it passed trials there with flying colors, but, sadly, they went bankrupt and closed. So I will try to propagate them to launch and sell myself directly. John

  3. John....I would contact Connie Hilker (who is now following your blog). She has a great set up and would do you and your roses properly.

    Just a suggestion....... Jim

  4. Hartwood Roses (Google it). She is in Virginia. If I'm not mistaken....she took a lot from Ashdown when they closed. Very nice, sincere lady.

    I hope it works out. Your roses are too beautiful not to be in commerce.