Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Time for Tea

We are VERY dry here in south Tampa and most of Florida so I've been treating my roses in various Water Wise Container Gardens, both buried and above ground, to good soaks from the hose, rain barrels and kitchen graywater, and, beginning today, giving them a tea made from my stable's "Super Poop" dumped into barrels filled by that last precious rain we had. I hope to see lush new growth and blooms soon. As usual, I am asking the Universe for a super-wet summer and fall as I learned yesterday that Tampa's rain deficit for 2006-2009 alone was THIRTY inches! John


  1. You had rain?? Hope they love the tea!

  2. I got 1.6 inches a couple weeks ago to help refill my rain barrels. But the soil in south Tampa is so very dry.