Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spider Mites

Hi John,

I read your article about organic roses in Florida Gardening. I live in South Tampa and I have about 9 Knockout roses. I have continually had a problem with spider mites -- one year, they killed most of my bushes. How can I treat this organically?

Thank you,
Hi Carroll,
I don't grow that rose but I've never had a problem with spider mites on my roses or those of my landscape clients since 1989, I believe due to the all-organic soil feeding regimen I use, and the presence of many beneficial predatory organisms. A short term solution is to simply blast them off the plants with a sharp stream of water from your garden hose, being sure to hit the undersides of the leaves. Plus you can spray the plants until they are dripping with the Kirk's castile soap solution (recipe in older postings here), again being sure to spray the undersides of the leaves where the mites reside.

I am curious...what do you feed the soil around your roses?


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