Friday, December 16, 2011

Roses in winter in Tampa.....

One more reason I hated those LONG Denver winters....blooms of these and more grace my south Tampa yard today..."Barfield White Climber", 'Marechal Neil', 'Mme. Antoine Marie', 'Oklahoma', 'Louise Odier', "Pink Cracker Rose", 'Cramoisi Superieur', 'Teasing Georgia', 'Duchesse de Brabant', 'Rosa bracteata', two Mystery Red Chinas, a Mystery Polyantha from a local nursery, my own 'Sarasota Spice', "Maggie", 'Abraham Darby', "Jo An's Pink Perpetual" (from Denver's Fairmount Cemetery), 'Nastarana', 'Safrano', 'Reve d'Or', 'Graham Thomas'. Oh how I love Tampa!

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