Friday, April 12, 2013

In my Denver yard my 'Seagull' rambling rose went WAY up into my cedar tree and spilled out of openings in the boughs. My 14 year old plant here in Tampa happily consumes a rebar trellis and has endured drought and neglect remarkably, and has broken dormancy, with HUNDREDS of buds emerging all over it. The sweet perfume is entrancing. Due to its extreme toughness, and because OP seedlings are almost always repeat bloomers, it will be central to my effort to breed own root roses that thrive in the drought that is now perennial in Florida and across the southeast. The pic is of a cluster a couple feet above my head this morning. I am crossing it mainly with large flowered repeat blooming roses, Old and Modern.


  1. You have given me the motivation to finally plant my own 'Seagull'. It was given to me last year, a casualty of a garden renovation where it was growing in too-small of a spot, and I was happy to bring it home. Where to put it, though, has been difficult. You just convinced me to send it soaring into one of my cedar trees ... where I hope it will climb and mingle, like 'American Pillar' does in his cedar tree.

  2. I loved it in Denver and love it here...where are you?