Thursday, May 9, 2013

More sad news for the roses world.....Vintage Gardens is also closing after many years in business. My final order from them arrived yesterday....long shots but I've long wanted to test the ramblers Rosa helenae, Rosa brunnonii 'La Mortola', Rosa gentiliana....but I am psyched MOST by actually getting 'Easlea's Golden Rambler' after falling in love with it in the early 90s in the book 'Classic Roses' by Peter Beales...when I visited his nursery in England in 1997 I was blown away by his specimen, then again when I visited Bill Grant a dozen years ago in Aptos, California as saw his monster he got from Peter. Since it is felt to have Wichuriana blood in it, and own root Wichurianas thrive for me here in Tampa, I can't help but feel hopeful!!

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