Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sad news.....Bill Grant just called me from his hospital room where he has been for two weeks now...while hanging his humming bird feeder he fell on his deck and fractured the left side of his hip, which has been pinned. I met Bill years ago at one of Mike Shoup's Fall Rose Festivals, hosted him in Denver when he gave his Species Roses talk at the Denver Botanic Gardens and took him to Fairmount Cemetery, and in 2002 I believe he and Miriam Wilkins flew me out there to give a talk at UC Davis about the Fairmount Roses plus he took me to San Juan Batista and the Old Roses Celebration and Miriam's lovely jungle of roses. He authorized me to share this news and his room phone number, which I will here and later at ChezVibert once my Outlook Hotmail stops acting up. I thought Bill was 84...he is 88! His number there is: 831-428 2374

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