Thursday, March 13, 2014

I've got buds on my "Jo An's Pink Perpetual" from Denver's Fairmount Cemetery that has JUST barely refoliated...I will sacrifice those in a hard cut back and feeding, try to root what canes I remove, then hope for a lush regrowth and heavier bloom in 6-8 weeks. Pics are from previous years. When Fred Boutin visited the original bush at the cemetery some years before I came back home to Tampa from Denver in 2002, he had the same immediate reaction that I'd had for years....a likely possible ID is 'Champion of the World'. I've been growing it for several years now in an 18 gallon Water Wise Container Garden on the north side of my house outside my office front window for maximum winter chill and minimal heating by the harsh south Tampa winter sun. Pics are from previous years. I'll store in the fridge some pollen to boink 'Seagull' with this April. In Denver the bush was MUCH taller, vase-shaped, blooms quite a bit bigger, gave a decent autumn flush in that cruelly short growing season, and set just a few hips. I don't recall ever trying to breed with it. A few years before I left Denver I made a clone for that yard and loved grower.

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