Monday, June 2, 2014

TOTAL RAGE here....the damned Lubber grasshoppers crawled up my 'Teasing Georgia' climbing rose, ignored all the open pollinated hips and chewed off one of just two hybrid hips of (Teasing Georgia X Rosa gigantea)!!!! I massaged SUPER hot sauce onto the surviving hip and all the hybrid hips on 'Don Juan' in hopes of saving them. Rough Lubbers year for many and the application of Nolo Bait I did 12 years ago finally stopped working this season, likely due the protozoa Nosema locustae no having host grasshoppers to replicate in. What makes me SO ANGRY is that Rosa gigantea pollen is NOT easy to get and available just once a year each spring, so I can't repeat the pollination until NEXT spring! Why couldn't they have eaten any of the many open pollinated hips?

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