Tuesday, April 12, 2016

LONG story...in 1995, three years before I bought my Tampa house, I was here from Denver in a rental car to service my landscape customers. I was told to visit a very old rosarian woman in Thonotossassa, I bought this rose from her potted collection and took it to Denver. Most of her roses came from northern Georgia. It was in Denver under glass in a pot, then in a Lutz garden north of Tampa, then I gave it to my neighbor Shirley here around 2000. Each spring she brings me one of the VERY few rose blooms, each with a fragrance that is simply incredible...it blooms just once a year here in Zone 9B. It has zero thorns, greyish-green leaves, gets maybe 5 feet tall here. She cuts it back each February, gives it chemical fertilizer now and then. I just gave her a home made one gallon jug filled with various wonderful organic nutrients mixed into water. Tomorrow she will apply it and give the rose a deep watering. I have always felt it likely is the Hybrid Perpetual 'Reine des Violettes' from 1860. She left a LONG cane uncut and told me to take it for cuttings tomorrow. The fragrance will take your breath away....my neighbor Theresa was simply amazed when I gave it to her!

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