Saturday, July 30, 2016

'Ruby Voodoo' is a rose I bred in Denver in July 1998. The Mom was the Hybrid Perpetual 'General Jacqueminot' from 1853 in my front yard, the pollen was from the Hybrid Tea 'Stephen's Big Purple' from the Cranford Rose Garden in Brooklyn when author Stephen Scanniello hosted me. The rose was chosen for commerce by the Colorado Plant Select Committee and is available retail, own root, from nurseries in Colorado and a few adjoining states. In Colorado it is incredibly cold hardy with no protection each winter. I love the Victorian look of each bloom, and the fragrance is a potent "Old Rose". I get a small royalty for each plant sold. High Country Roses in Denver sells it mail order and mailed me recently one for free to test here in Florida. One leaf was damaged by shipping but it already is growing well in an 18 gallon Water Wise Container Garden, lots of new growth. I'd be amazed if it grows well here since it so loves Colorado! Pics of the blooms were taken by people in'd be nice to see and smell the blooms again. I love the parentage!

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  1. Just planted Voodoo today (in New Mexico), from Little Valley Nursery. Fantastic smell!!!!!