Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some favorite yellow roses of mine

E. Veyrat Hermanos

Teasing Georgia

Marechal Neil

Lemon Zen, a Noisette I bred (R. moschata X Graham Thomas)

While I am a slut for very dark red, VERY fragrant roses like 'Oklahoma', 'Eugene Furst', 'Alfred Colomb' and 'Will Rogers', I have a weakness for yellow toned roses too. I hope you enjoy these photos from my garden, John.


  1. Love your creation. What is its growth habit?

  2. Thanks Jim, here is Tampa it is a lax upright shrub....in Denver it was a low climber. It has the lovely cinammon-clove scent of the seed parent!! John

  3. The photo titled Sunflare looks as though the rose was carved from a block of butter. Gorgeous!