Sunday, March 3, 2013

I should have 1-2 plants of the 'Cherokee Rose' (Rosa laevigata) to share if someone has the room for this GIANT MONSTER CLIMBER WITH THORNS OF DEATH that proved to be as useless as a breeder to me as did Rosa bracteata. I've seen this rose reach the top of 60 foot tall pine trees in Odessa. I tried it as both Mom and Dad and got no viable seedlings despite MANY pollinations using it. A shame as it is immune to all rose diseases AND root knot nematodes. It literally kept me away from the west side of my home for over two years. The scent comes from the stamens vs. the petals....some feel it smell like pineapple, but a high school era friend says it smells like the bug spray Raid. VERY difficult to keep in check.

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