Saturday, March 30, 2013

Well after a few choice expletives as its massive NUMEROUS wicked prickles hooked my flesh time and again, I today was able to train to its rebars well over half of my monstrous rambling rose 'Seagull'. Tomorrow I finish, plant a few dozen glads, splash a few gallons of dilute fish emulsion plus sprinkle several dry nutrients over its root zone, give it a DEEP watering, apply 6 inches of chopped palm tree mulch, plant some striped mixed color 4 O'Clocks, then deep water again. From now on I'll be giving it a fair amount of my kitchen gray water in part because it will be a prime breeder for me, (mainly seed parent) but also because I simply love this rose as much here as I did my monster specimen in my Denver yard. This toughie was planted in 1999 and has endured years of neglect and drought when I'd lost control of my front yard to Cherokee Rose, 'Mermaid' rose, and the tropical perennial flowering vines Pandorea and Ipomoea acuminate and bidens. Cool to see flower bud clusters that I will begin pollinating in about a week! Be sure to see the pics at the can be simply breathtaking.

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