Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In the late 80s in Denver as an organic landscaper I learned quickly that roses had a terrible reputation for being short lived, either dying after the brutal winters or the 'Dr. Huey' under stock coming up in spring to replace the rose that had been purchased. So I started trying in my yard the then hard-to-get own root roses, both Old and Modern despite being "informed" that was heresy and doomed to fail. By the time I moved back to Tampa in late 2002 my Denver yard had 170 roses, and I planted many hundreds in the gardens I created for my clients. My ex-neighbor Cherrie says many still survive despite utter neglect by two renters and the first two buyers.....pics on Google maps reveal that. July of 2002 my neighbor Charlene and I took pics of each other beneath my arch of 'Hiawatha' rambling rose. Here too are some pics from clients' gardens. For me,the fun of being a passionate rosarian since 1989 is having a curious open mind vs. getting bogged down in dogma.

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