Friday, October 11, 2013

Half the fun of rose breeding, which I began doing in 1993, is the anticipation....while emasculating the blooms, choosing the pollen parents, applying the pollen, tagging and bagging the boinked bloom, watching the resulting hips enlarge and ripening, and, like today, sowing the actual hybrid seeds that result. Today I sowed into 4 inch pots the seeds from the 5 remaining hybrid hips of 'Seagull'....the pollen parents (Dads) were: 1 unknown, Louis XIV, unknown red Hybrid Tea, Duchesse de Brabant, Easlea's Golden Rambler. They were watered, have drained, now each 4 inch pot goes into a clear produce bag for 3-4 months in my fridge to induce cold stratification. If all goes well I'll have my first blooms on hybrid seedlings of 'Seagull' by late spring or early summer. The anticipation is delicious!

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