Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My hyper-vigorous Mystery Rose "Barfield White Climber" has never been eager to set hips, either open-pollinated or from controlled pollinations, which is one reason I had stopped breeding with it. But maybe because of the first rainy summer in south Tampa in eight years it set quite a few this fall....it will be fun seeing what seedlings come from these, especially since 'Seagull', "Maggie" and 'Abraham Darby' are very nearby. Maybe a dozen years ago, Patty Barfield called me from her nursery in Dover, Florida to say she'd bought unknown unlabeled roses from a travelling plant salesman who said they made white blooms. Long story short...was initially a once blooming rambler, in year three became a remontant climber I named with her consent. Fred Boutin says it is thriving out his way, but Bill Grant's plant and Lee Sherman's plant in Albuquerque sulk...here it grows SO well I jokingly refer to it as Rosa kudzuensis! 99.999% prickle free, and opening buds teased open exude a POTENT anise/fennel scent that reminds me of David Austin's 'Proud Titania'.


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