Monday, April 28, 2014

Roses have their own wisdom, and I love it when they don't know when "experts" announce that they "can't grow" in such-and-such a place, like the full collection of own root, organically grown Teas, Chinas, Noisettes and Poly-Teas I had in my Zone 5 Denver yard, or the Hybrid Perpetuals and Bourbons I love in my Tampa yard that "can't grow here at all, or that MUST be budded to Fortuniana root stock and drenched with obscene amounts of water and pesticides". I am getting VERY spoiled by daily FRAGRANT blooms on my 'La Reine', a Hybrid Perpetual from the year 1842. It has never set hips for me but I use the pollen to do crosses. Lovely form, color and perfume!

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