Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Since the early 90s I've grown in landscape clients' gardens and now my own a great many rose varieties that a Florida rosarian has been telling me and others ever since then that simply can't grow here, with ego-based dogma replacing the spirit of inquiry and trial and error that can make being a rosarian so much fun. I stopped attending his meetings 15 years ago as there was no dialogue, just his "Moses on the Mount" pronouncements, even when members would show up with entire bouquets of what he said can't grow here, or his insistence to me and others that there is no such thing as the iconic "Pink Cracker Rose" even though he mistook a 90 foot hedge of on the campus as 'Old Blush'! Stunning contrast to brilliant yet humble rosarians I know/knew like Miriam Wilkins, Fred Boutin, William Grant, Ralph Moore, Barbara Oliva, Anita Clevenger, Pam Greenewald and others who are insatiably curious and eager to learn.

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