Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A few weeks ago South Carolina rosarian Michael Reisman came to visit me, gave me a large thornless strain of Rosa multiflora and what seems to be Rosa bracteata, and I gave him a bunch of cuttings of roses, including that of central Florida's "Pink Cracker Rose". On the drive back home he stopped at Pam Greenewald's lovely own root roses nursery 'Garden Angel' in Alachua, Florida where they swapped cuttings, he bought some roses including my 'Gold Blush' and he gave to her a BUNCH of cuttings of PCR. She is licensed to export roses and wants to be able to send PCR to California rosarians. Years ago it was so common in older Tampa neighborhoods like Seminole Heights and Hyde Park but for years now is rarely seen...it is so indestructible that getting it back in peoples' landscapes has become a part of my life's mission. My ONLY regret for the rose is that it is SO sterile both as Mom and Dad! It very rarely makes hips, but some years ago the huge hedge of it on Davis Island made a handful of hips, maybe as a response to years of drought. There was just a few seeds in them total, none sprouted for me. John


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