Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hopefully these new cuttings of central Florida's iconic "Pink Cracker Rose" will root to share with friends. I am making a LOT of them this spring to get this rose I fell in love with in the 70s in Seminole Heights is again widespread in our community.


  1. Oh my gosh! I went to HMF and fell in love with this rose. I have Louis Philippe (and over 20 more different roses) growing in my cottage style gardens here in s.e. FL.

    I hope these cuttings will root for you. That is always exciting to see, when a rose takes root and sends out new growth.

    Happy rose growing ~ FlowerLady

  2. Yes "Pink Cracker Rose" is what sent me bonkers over roses in Florida decades ago. I still see old specimens at homes in Tampa.

  3. As I walked around my backyard roses (they're all in the back yard, really), I thought of something that may make sense. I think it was John Starnes, Jr. who found that the "Pink Cracker Rose" was sold en masse for a certain Mother's Day decades ago. The owner of the nursery (I believe) was a friend and sometime collaborator of the famous hybridist Luther Burbank. (Apparently the rose in commerce sold as 'Burbank', but another of the hybridizer's creations which apparently is 'Santa Rosa'. Is it possible that Tampa's "Pink Cracker Rose" is actually 'Burbank', or at least a close relative? I'd love it if someone, such as rosarian Dr. Malcolm Manners, would compare the 'Santa Rosa' with "Pink Cracker Rose" to see how close they are related.