Thursday, February 25, 2016

My main rose seed parent in Tampa, the old Wichuriana hybrid 'Francois Juranville' begins in about a month its 6 week spring bloom....a true "once-bloomer". But most of its "children" I produce with it are repeat blooming seedlings. Since 6 weeks per year is short, this year I've begun saving and drying almost open buds of various parents I use as the "Dad". I've done this for years by accident whereas this year it is my main focus. Here is the 'Francois Juranville' in full bloom some years back, as are three sacks with buds dated and labelled, each bag half open for a week or two to dry the pollen. I will also use all these pollens on my seventeen year old 'Seagull' rambler in spring.

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