Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hi Mr. Hansen, My name is John Starnes and when I lived and taught in Denver I spent 12 years teaching the board of Fairmount Cemetery just what they had there....a remarkable living treasure. I invited many rosarians to visit this great historic place, including Michael Shoup, Fred Boutin, Stephen Scanniello, William Grant and many many more to see the 77 roses I found on their 240 acres over the years. In 1997 I co-hosted the Heritage Rose Conference in Denver and loved taking nearly 200 rosarians to see and experience the grandeur of Fairmount Cemetery. I used my gardening column in The Rocky Mountain News to encourage people to visit, and sent cuttings of the very rare Mystery Roses to many rose growers, like "Fairmount Red" and "Fairmount Proserpine", year after year. I could bore you with endless details and developments, both good and bad, but instead I very deeply hope that you LISTEN to the many rosarians who are contacting you and others in Sacramento who simply want you all to just leave "well enough alone" and instead be proud of YOUR living treasure there. Many of the roses, like at Fairmount Cemetery in Denver, are unique indeed and are deserving of being treasured vs. moved and/or destroyed. I am sure you are aware of the love that so many people feel for the cemetery and its Old Roses....please do not waste this opportunity to preserve it for countless generations. John Starnes 813 839 0881

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