Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Bourbons Won't Grow in Florida"

Reine Victoria

Reine Victoria

Louise Odier

Coquettes des Blanches
Ever since the early 90s I've heard here in Florida the "truism" that "you can't grow Bourbons in Florida, except for a few varieties on the Fortuniana rootstock, and with routine spraying". But the 5-15 gallon "Water Wise Container Gardens" I invented and now make from discarded plastic buckets and barrels are letting me grow and ENJOY a number of roses, own root and all-organic, that I loved in my own yard in Denver and my landscape clients' gardens, including Bourbons!
Next I try 'Mme. Isaac Perieire' and 'Mme. Piere Oger'. I could have never imagined a few years ago when I fooled around with early prototypes of these Water Wise Container Gardens for FOOD CROPS as a response to Tampa's perennial drought, that they would end up being a total gamechanger for my beloved Old Roses and hence, my breeding work that had ground to a near halt. The drought has been so severe and longstanding that one now sees roses ONLY in the yards of upscale homes with elaborate drip systems for people who can afford the monstrous resulting water bills. So I am PSYCHED!
More to come.....MUCH more to come! John

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