Sunday, March 21, 2010

my hybrid 'Lemon Zen'

I bred this rose under glass in Denver, using pollen from 'Graham Thomas' on a bloom of Rosa moschata. I thus consider it a true archetypal Noisette, a modern counterpart to the first Noisette 'Champney's Pink Cluster' (R. moschata X Old Blush) though the folks at IRARS won't list it as such. This own-root plant has thrived in my Tampa yard for years despite prolonged drought, my scant water use and all-organic growing methods. I am soon mailing cuttings to California rosarian and breeder Kim Rupert to test in his climate. Over the years it has set VERY few OP hips, and I've yet to get one seedling. But it has the cinammon-clove perfume of the Mom, and I love the occasional giant clusters it produces that are bouquets in and of themselves. I am now hopefully rooting my first ever cuttings so I can begin sellling my own hybrids directly vs. the usual $1 per plant royalty. John


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful blog! I am still a relative newbie at growing roses, but I think I may be headed down the path towards obsession. I'm looking forward to learning how to better care for them (and adding to my 'Roses I Need' list) from your blog.

  2. You are welcome Karl. I think that roses can be a delightfully healthy obsession. I've been mental over them since 1989. John