Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Death of a Mermaid

Ten years ago I planted in my brand new Tampa yard an own-root plant of the climbing rose 'Mermaid' to compare the results to the negative ones attributed to it when budded to the Fortuniana rootstock. It should be renamed "Rosa kudzuensis" due to its astonishing vigor that consumed my front yard over a year ago due to unrestrainable growth, mind-boggling thorns plus suckering ( I learned after the monster was cut down.)

Three Fridays ago my friend Pat came over with a reciprocating saw, loppers, and leather gloves to act as both catalyst and helper in my indecision as to how to deal with 'Mermaid' and reclaim my yard. A lot of thorny work for sure, ending with his pickup PACKED with chopped branches we hauled to the local brush dump site. Thanks Pat!!

Attached are a few photos....since I am delightfully altered on cannabis and grapefruit juice with gin added, I won't even try to arrange them chronologically.

Re-inventing my front yard based on growing roses in 5-18 gallon Water Wise Container Gardens will be a prime focus for me this year. Years of drought had greatly dampened my roses enthusiasm as I tried to grow my own food and help to conserve Florida's scant water resources.
I am sure the 'Mermaid' trunk will send up vigorous shoots, but I will spray them with my GlyphoSafe herbicide I invented in Denver to kill quackgrass there. Time to reclaim my front yard from 'Mermaid' !
Yes folks.......'Mermaid' WILL grow and bloom on her own roots in Florida....but beware.

koo koo ka-CHOO !

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