Friday, December 17, 2010

'Seagull' Rambling Rose, 1907

I love this rambling rose as much here in Tampa as I did my monster specimen in my Denver yard. In the late 90's, as I co-hosted the 1997 Heritage Rose Foundation Conference in Denver, Stephen Scanniello suggested that I try 'Seagull'  there. His advice was sound as that plant soon wove up into my west facing cedar tree there at 1684 Willow Street in Denver, each summer spilling out from openings in the cedar's canopy in fragrant white cascades.  Some folks feel it is a Wichuriana Hybrid, others a Multiflora suggested parentage I've seen that has intrigued me for many years is (R. multiflora X General Jacqueminot)...which might explain the high rate of remontant seedlings I get from open-pollinated hips from my Tampa specimen, which gets almost no care yet is very vigorous. Since I have memories of 'Seagull' from England, California, Texas, Colorado, Buschardt Gardens, all cooler climate areas, I love seeing my plant growing beside my Queen Palm!  John

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