Thursday, January 27, 2011

List of Fairmount Roses presented to the Board in 2003

Sadly, I was informed 2 years ago that this list plus the many years of notes and reports I had prepared and given to the Board of Fairmount Cemetery, at no cost, was lost. I see now why I was told years ago by people who knew I was not charging Fairmount for my work  that people don't value what they get for free. I'd love to have a dollar for every hour I spent at the cemetery, and researching the roses I catalogued there, over that delightful 12 years! It saddens me to think of the gems lost there needlessly due to my cautions not being heeded. John



1. “Austin Pink Damask” ( Duc de Cambridge?)

2. “Fairmount Pink Moss” ( Beranger? Glory of the Mosses?)

3. “Fairmount Malton” ( almost certainly IS ‘Malton’ )

4. ‘Harison’s Yellow’

5. “High Country Banshee” smooth form

6. “High Country Banshee” prickly form

7. “High Country Banshee” semi-double form

8. “Fairmount American Pillar”

9. “Fairmount Red” (George IV? William Jesse? Prince Charles? Sir Joseph

     Paxton? Vivid?)

10. ‘Alba maxima’

11. ‘Alba semi-plena’

12. “ Desiree’ Parmentier” (a Gallica likely NOT of this name)

13. ‘Dr. Huey’

14. ‘Dr. Huey Pink Sport’

15. ‘Dr. Huey, double form’

16. ‘Pink Grootendorst’

17. ‘Red Grootendorst’

18. “Jo An’s Pink Perpetual” ( Champion of the World? )

19. “Fairmount Semi-Double Pink” (St. Nicholas? Amelia? Gloire de Guilan? )

20. ‘Cl. American Beauty’

21. “Alice Flores’ Purple Hybrid China”

22. “Myers’ Magenta”

23. “Fairmount Flouncy Pink”

24. ‘Manettii’

25. “Jeremiah Pink” (the “real” Banshee?)

26. ‘Rose de Rescht’

27. “Fairmount Blaze”

28. “Fairmount Chameleon Rose” ( Hybrid Multiflora? )

29. ‘Mothersday’

30. ‘Rosa multiflora, thornless form’

31. ‘Rosa multiflora, thorny form’

32. ‘Rosa multiflora, thornless/rugose form’

33. ‘Rosa cinammomea’

34. ‘Rosa canina’ (banks of High Line Canal)

35. “Fairmount Scabrosa” (died)

36. “Odom Light Pink Moss”

37. ‘Gruss an Teplitz’

38. “Barclay Pink Moss”

39. “Alice Flores’ Alba/Damask hybrid” (“Evans Rose” of Riverside)

40. “James Russell Rambler”

41. ‘Ragged Robin’

42. “Fairmount Red Radiance”

43. ‘Dorothy Perkins’

44. “Fairmount Excelsa”

45. ‘White Dorothy Perkins’

46. “Fairmount Magenta Damask”

47. “Alameda Alba suaveolens”

48. “Anderson Red Hybrid Tea”

49. “Fairmount Proserpine”

50. “Couchman Pink Perpetual” ( “Fairmount Malton”? )

51. “Fairmount Paul’s Scarlet”

52. “Caswell Moss”

53. IXLR

54. “Fairmount Aloha”

55. “Rex Red HP” ( General Jacqueminot? )

56. “Fairmount Careless Love”

57. “Catherine Warren Gallica”

58. “Dardis Red HP” (Captain Hayward? Lord Bacon?)

59. “Sister Knight Species” (R. acicularis?)

60. “Rutherford Cerise Wichuraiana” ( modern groundcover rose? )

61. “McCray White Climber” (Cl. Frau Karl Druschki?)

62. “Strang Portland” (Delambre?)

63. “Rettig Lavender Rambler” (perhaps a thornless Geschwind hybrid?)

64. “Fairmount Kazanlik”

65. “Fairmount Eglantine” ( likely ‘Anne of Geierstein’ or ‘Amy Robsart’)

66. “Delaney Red HT, 1902”

67. “Johnson Magenta Damask”

68. “Ada Crouch Single Pink” (seedling of “Fairmount Semi-Double Pink” ?)

69. “Gaskin White Rambler” ( modern groundcover rose? )

70. “Alexander Thornless Pink” (Hybrid Bourbon? )

71. “MacDonald Pale Pink Myrrh”

72. “Elaine Holm Red HT’

73. Condesa de Sastago

74. Peace (likely an old original plant)

75. “Fairmount Chevy Chase”

76. “Butchart Apricot Pink Shrub” (Canadian?)

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