Thursday, January 13, 2011

OGRs in Denver

                                              'Ghislaine de Feligonde' and 'Russelliana'

When I lived in Denver I created for quite a few of my landscape clients informal gardens of perennials and own-root OGRs. My own yard at 1684 Willow Street contained 170 roses in the front yard, with my own hybrids, including named registered ones like 'Brenda Mowery' and 'Denny Arter' and 'Four Inch Heels' and 'Ruby Voodoo' and 'Gold Blush' grown in my back yard in between my food crops. Graig Weisbart and his wife Shanti Chakko had me create for them over a few years one of my favorite collections of roses ever in a client's garden due in part to the stature of some of the pillarized roses. If I ever visit Denver again I will visit their yard and my old one on Willow, where my love of roses germinated and took root. Photos of Graig and Shanti and a few of their roses. Enjoy, John

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