Sunday, October 26, 2014

I obsessed some more about 'Bobbie James' Rambling Rose this weekend......most of my books say this foundling of Graham Stuart Thomas's from 1961 is a Multiflora...most sites say Wichurana (which I hope is the case as Wichs do well for me in Tampa). MANY references to glossy foliage plus videos showing that make me hopeful as I've never seen a glossy Multiflora. I've been gone from Denver 12 years now and just can't remember how the leaves of my specimen there looked. Twice I thought I found an English nursery that would ship me one...nope. So I will just be content to experiment with the OP hips of Lee Sherman's plant in her VERY eclectic collection of roses in Albuquerque that she is sending me.....if it really is a Wichurana then it is very easy to imagine some of the seedlings being happy in Florida plus possibly worthy in and of themselves without further breeding. But I am still wired to think about crossing either Bobbie or some seedlings with Teas, Chinas and Tea-Noisettes and more.....I can just imagine using pollen from yellows like 'Graham Thomas' or 'Reve d'Or' or 'Alister Stella Gray' or 'Crepuscule'! So much fun to suddenly have a whole new angle to try in my effort to breed Climbers and Ramblers for Florida! A Florida-friendly yellow 'Bobbie James' would be breathtaking!

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