Friday, October 24, 2014

My 'Bobbie James' was very happy in my Denver yard as it is in my Albuquerque rose friend Lee Sherman's yard. A while ago I called to ask her if she could mail me 20 of the tiny open pollinated hips for me to experiment with here in Tampa...I thought it'd be a long shot here as I've always thought of it as a multiflora ramber (here in Tampa over the years I've just seen "Seagull' and 'Pink Clouds' do well here). But HMF says it is a hybrid Wichurana, which all do well for me here. I LOVE the hydrangea-like globular clusters and am already fantasizing about crossing any seedlings I get with Teas and Chinas to get remontant Ramblers for Florida! Maybe I'll even just buy a 'Bobbie James'! woo hoo!

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