Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Buds on my 'Newport Fairy' rambler!!

My rambler 'Newport Fairy' is easily 5-6 years old, was featured in my 'Fine Gardening' article about training pillar roses up rebar back then...super vigorous growth despite years of drought but has RARELY bloomed, and then just a mere handful. But this morning I checked the new laterals coming off of the main canes and there are quite a few buds! I am guessing because of the cold El Nino winter it finally got the dormancy it has needed all along. I figure I will know in 10 days or so if a LOT of buds and blooms will be on it for its first ever decent display......I sure hope so! Pics for sure if it looks lovely. I fell in love with Bill Grant's tree-consuming specimen when I visited him in Aptos, California some years back, and both he and Fred Boutin felt that because of the parentage it might be a reasonable long shot gamble to try here in Tampa despite our usual lack of winter dormancy. So I bought this plant from Joyce Demitts. John

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