Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Roses from Chamblee's

These 12 new roses arrived from Chamblee's Roses (1-800-256-7673) a few days ago. I will be testing them in 5 and 18 gallon Water Wise Container Gardens (which soon I will show how to make) to be placed mostly in my front yard (which faces north) as I slowly reclaim it from the squalor caused by it being consumed for over a year by a MONSTROUS own-root 'Mermaid' rose. That way they will be spared the hot south sun of winter, and enjoy whatever North Winds we get each winter. The Teas, Chinas and Noisettes once grew in the front gardens, but succumbed to years of drought and my obsessively low water these restricted drainage Water Wise Container Gardens they should take off BIG time. Since for years I've heard Florida rosarians say that 'Mme. Isaac Pereire' is virtually impossible in Florida and MUST be budded onto the Fortuniana root stock, and since I loved my plant in my Denver yard on Willow Street, I especially hope it thrives. Plus I'd love to use it in my breeding work. Here's my Chamblee's Roses own-root roses order:

Celine Forestier
Climbing Fairy
Francis Dubreuil
Mme. Isaac Pereire
Mrs. B. R. Cant
Paul Neyron
Pat Austin
Don Juan

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