Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One of My Hybrid Roses

I am starting to really like this rose, if nothing else as a possible breeder since it has large ovaries. I almost "shovel-pruned" it a few years ago as at three years this monster climber had not bloomed once. I am glad I did not as the shiny healthy foliage, very vigorous growth, disease resistance, and cream-colored, tea-and-myrrh scented long lasting blooms leave me feeling it might be a good rootstock as it has ignored the multi-year drought and actually has to be restrained and contained. I suspect that like "Barfield White Climber" it feeds on nematodes vs. being damaged by them. I am having a blast most mornings pollinating it with a pollens from my "Denver Roses" , plus some Teas, thriving in their Water Wise Container Gardens.....I should know by July if/which crosses took. John

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