Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'Easlea's Golden Rambler'

This was my first candidate many years ago for the true ID of the Denver Mystery Rose "Mr. Nash" discovered there by Toni Tichy. I have long been sure it is not, but nonetheless I fell in love with Easlea's when I met it in Peter Beales' nursery in 1997, and some years later again in Bill Grant's landscape...he got his from Beales. VERY VERY bushy for a "climber".....I REALLY hope I get one from Desert Roses bare root closeout sale to at LAST try here in Tampa (in a Water Wise Container Garden of course) and I was not able to root cuttings I got from Bill's plant years ago. I have very good luck with Wichuraianas here in Tampa, even IN the ground, and the extreme glossiness of the foliage convinces me of the claim that it is a Wichuraiana. See too Cliff's e-mail so you can reach him to place an order. John

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