Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oral iodine in case of radioactive plume from Japan

Hey folks,

The horror in Japan just might lead to a wind-driven radioactive plume heading east from at least one nuclear reactor, with the U.S. a likely early landfall, then Europe then the Middle East. So I thought I'd share this data I learned of about three years ago.

Poland gave their citizens tabs of 130 mg. iodine RIGHT after the Chernobyl nuclear reactor meltdown...the Soviet Union did not.....Soviet citizens have since seen HUGE increases in thyroid and other cancers, but not the Polish. I and friends some years back stocked up on Life Extension brand of these 130 mg. iodine tablets in case Bush/Israel attacked Iran....I took my first of 14 daily tabs this morning even though I supplement my diet with iodine due to its many health benefits. My Dad told me he saw on the news yesterday morning that the Japanese gov't has begun distributing iodine to folks within a certain distance of the reactor. Better safe than sorry plus most folks are grossly deficient in iodine anyway. Any excess gets peed out....just pee in your gardens so your crops can absorb it so as to not waste this vital nutrient.

The scale of the devastation in Japan is numbing, and my heart goes out to them. Please pass this iodine data on. John

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