Friday, March 18, 2011

"Walnut Street Yellow" from Boulder, Colorado

Years ago when I still lived in Denver, Mikl and Eve of Harlequins Gardens in Boulder told me of a lovely, once-blooming yellow climber  they'd spotted in an elderly woman's yard on Walnut Street there in Boulder, and one early July day Eve took me to meet it. We agreed that it is clearly a Wichurana due to the glossy foliage, once-blooming trait and eager winter hardy growth. I bought one from them a few years back via mail but it died in the drought. So I bought a new one this winter but THIS time planted it in a 5 gallon Water Wise Container Garden and buried it next to the stump of the now-dead (thankfully!) 'Mermaid' that got SO out of hand I could not get into my own front yard for over a year and a half.....yesterday I spotted buds!!!!

Years ago Eve and I concluded the true ID was very likely 'Primevere' and after I sent pics of it to Bill Grant and his friend Odile who has one in her garden in France, they agreed. Since I have EXCELLENT results with other Wichurianas here, even in the dry soil, I hope that this one benefits from the  buried Water Wise Container Garden and takes off and consumes the rebar beside it.


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