Sunday, April 17, 2011

'Conrad Ferdinand Meyer' in Tampa

This own root plant has thrived in Tampa for 3.5 years in a 15 gallon Water Wise Container Garden, grown all-organically and given mostly kitchen graywater. The rich perfume is sweet, spicy and sultry all at once. In Denver my plant was huge and husky in a bed out near the it is a manageable pillar rose that blooms throughout the year beside my back door where lucky visitors can indulge in the silvery pink color and luscious scent. John


  1. Hello John,.....I write this note while gazing at Sophie's Perpetual, just shy of peak!

    Again, I'm amazed what you get to grow there. I will be ready to mail cuttings in about three to four weeks. I will need your contact information.


  2. Thanks Jim! My address is:

    3212 West Paxton Avenue Tampa FL 33611

    And you want cuttings of "Barfield White Climber", right? John