Friday, April 22, 2011

Third Annual Rose Lover's Gathering

I can't believe that due to my spring frenzy and space cadet nature I did not think until today to share this upcoming roses event in Florida just over a week away! Sorry Pam! This looks to be a premiere roses events for Florida rose lovers, with an eclectic mix of speakers and presentations (I am giving a talk on Probiotic Rose Gardening) plus many roses and related products for sale. I look forward to meeting Pam and other rose maniacs, including Gene Waering who will be signing copies of the wonderful book he edited called 'The Sustainable Rose Garden' which I will soon be reviewing here upon finishing reading it....he maintains personal rose gardens in both New York and Florida. I am proud that he chose my article 'Probiotic Rose Growing'. Pam has an astonishing collection of roses, approximately 1,700 on 6 acres as I recall, so guess who is bringing his cameras and wish list?

I hope my failure to promote this event does not result in some folks learning of it too late to attend. See the link below about her nursery and what I am sure will be a grand event for Florida rose lovers.


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