Saturday, April 9, 2011

Question from one of my readers of 'Florida Gardening' magazine. John

"Although my enthusiasm outweighs my ability, I am a Florida gardener who was born here and am familiar with growing in Florida. I love the Florida Gardening magazine and always read it cover to cover, then I save it. I have stayed away from growing roses because they are supposed to be so "delicate", but would love to try one or two. Your "Poop Soup" recipe in the April/May issue is intriguing, since it is all natural, but I don't have ready access to fresh horse poop. I do however, have four cows that leave me plenty of raw materials. Can I substitute cow poop for the horse poop? I will be using it on my vegetable garden as well as my new rose. Thank you for your time and assistance."

I would think that fresh cow poop would work just fine. Give it a try and let me know how it does for your roses. Happy Gardening! John

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