Friday, November 15, 2013

'Cramoisi Superieur' entered commerce around 1834 and once was common in Florida where it thrives. For many years there was a HUGE hedge of it at the south end of the meridian for Bayshore Blvd. so people could enjoy the incredible perfume when they'd use the water fountain. Sadly, when I was in Denver, for some incredible reason the city dug it up!!! In Okeechobee where my Mom and Dad once lived there is a yard with several huge ones that have been thriving for decades, and the last time I was at Marie Selby Botanic Gardens in Sarasota there was a HUGE one growing next to the sidewalk and street, EASILY 8' X 8'! I am growing two here that my Dad rooted from the one I gave him and Mom maybe 20 years ago.....last time I was there to sell his place it still thrived with zero care.

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