Friday, November 8, 2013

The north side of "Barfield White Climber" is 95% pruned....I can see my fence again and repaint it! Thank goodness this monster is 99.9999% prickle free or I'd be a bloody mess! Hard to believe how LONG the severed canes are! I am almost certainly going to severely prune the south side, which is MUCH less vigorous to get light through for my street beds' winter plantings of nasturtiums, glads, white sweet alyssum and more. Now that 'Marechal Niel' is fully exposed I can that, oddly, it leaned NORTH and hence off the rebar trellis above it. It should not be too hard to prune it lightly then use a rake to push the main canes onto the rebar and lash them with phone lines I dumpster dived tons of brand new ones of at Dollar Tree. This whole project will make my property much tidier looking and the front flower beds MUCH sunnier. Its is going to take some work to turn that huge pile into mulch for the nearby Raja Puri banana but will be worth it.

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