Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Barter for Used TV big beautiful TV I bought just a little over two years ago died last night when I turned it on...a loud snap followed by a bizzare, disturbing high-pitched whine from the innards. I watch little TV but I like having the option, plus enjoy playing my DVDs, especially when "altered". If any local folks who follow my blogs are getting ready to upgrade their TV, I'd love to barter plants/eggs/landscape services for your old one. Thanks, John


  1. How big of a tv do you want? We have extra tvs. One is a 36 inch, the other is 50-55 inches, I am not sure if my twin still wants it? I will call her later today. Let me know what you have as far as rooted rose cuttings.

  2. Wow either TV would be great, could offer fresh eggs, some potted plants and seeds!