Tuesday, February 16, 2010

wild Michigan rose ID help needed

Yesterday while I was dumpster diving I had an old childhood memory suddenly pop up out of no where. We lived in the UP of Michigan outside of Rudyard, in a very rural trailer park at the bottom of a steep hill, a huge sugar maple on a hill across the road that turned fiery red every fall. I used to fly kites on that hill. I attended a 1 room school house grades 1-6 in a church with a bell in the steeple Mrs. Pearl Johnson would let us ring for recess, a horse named Sandy lived in a pasture with a classic barn next door to the school....we'd pick wild red clover and apples and feed her. There was an abandoned Granny Smith apple orchard across the street from the school we ate freely from, HUGE patch of dewberries down the road, on the left side as you went down the hill, oodles of wild raspberries and wintergreen and blueberries in the woods I feasted on.

Across the street from that school, next to the apple orchard, was a HUGE gravel and sand pit I used to look for fossils in....mostly brachiopods, though once found a trilobite! The memory that surfaced yesterday was of walking through the meadow back home from the sand pit and noticing 5 petalled pink roses that were EXTREMELY fragrant plus were prickly to my young fingers (I was 8 I think).My first guess is Rosa virginiana. Could it have been R. woodsii? Any suggestions? John

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