Sunday, February 7, 2010

Easy informal rose bouquets

Gold Blush

Denny Arter with a bouquet of my Denver hybrids,
including her name sake.

bouquet of some of my Denver hybrids

Tampa bouquet
bouquet from a Colorado client's rose garden I
helped her to create.

I prefer bouquets of any flower that are relaxed and inviting and friendly vs. formal and structured, based on working what is blooming in the gardens, even vegetables. Years ago I made a spontaneous bouquet for a landscape customer of mine way north 0f Denver, and she so liked it and how quickly it came about she insisted she take a photo of me with it. Here are photos of bouquets of my Denver rose hybrids I bred there, with my friend of 22 years Denny Arter in Colorado, some blue and yellow bouquets I made from my Denver yard at 1684 Willow Street, and a bouquet from my Tampa yard. Enjoy, John

Here in Tampa I like to make similarly casual bouquets of Teas, Chinas and Noisettes combined with what ever tropicals and annuals that happen to be in bloom. Enjoy, John

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